Shrimp Rice Wraps
Shrimp Rice Wraps

The Shrimp Rice Wraps is a very scenographic dish with a delicate flavor.

To prepare this tasty wraps rice start by preparing a seafood risotto flavored with beer, place it in a mold with pumpkin flowers and stuff it with the risotto, shrimp and mozzarella.

Once baked all the ingredients compact and form a perfect wraps, elegant and refined to be serve in slices.

The shrimp rice wraps is a new way to create an usual risotto!

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Shrimp Rice Wraps Recipe


  • 17 oz of carnaroli rice
  • 7 oz of pumpkin flowers
  • 17 oz of shrimp
  • 7 oz of mozzarella cheese
  • 11,5 fl oz cups of beer salt pepper olive oil
  • 1.5 oz of butter
  • 1 garlic clove
  • 5 branches of thyme small onion


To prepare shrimp rice wraps of you must start by preparing the the shrimp:

  1. Get the shrimp and keep aside 1/3 of them (will be used for the final decoration), blanch the rest of the shrimp for a few minutes in boiling water
  2. Let them soak for 4-5 minutes and remove them with a slotted spoon
  3. Let cool for a few minutes and then clean them. Remove the head.
  4. The legs, pull the carapace and tail and remove the filament of the intestine on its back, taking care to keep aside the carapace and head that will serve for the broth. (Alternatively, you can clean the shrimp before cooking them, cut them small pieces and boil them in a pan with oil for a few minutes).
  5. Once cleaned cut the shrimp into small chunks and keep them aside.

Now prepare the broth:

  • In a saucepan filled with 18 fl oz of water add the parts of shrimp previously set aside after cleaning (head, shell, tail).
  • Cook for at least 30 minutes to flavor the broth.
  • Once ready strain the broth with a colander and keep it aside; it will be used to cook the risotto. Cut the mozzarella into small pieces.
  • Place the mozzarella in a strainer to remove any water.
  • Get the flowers, remove the stem from the flowers with your fingers and remove the pistils, then cut on the long side and open them.
  • Grease a cake mold of 9 inches of diameter and a capacity of 60 fl oz, and place the pumpkin flowers up against the walls of the mold and set aside any extra flowers which will be used for the risotto.

Now that you have prepared all the necessary ingredients start preparing the rice:

Put olive oil in a pan, sauté (cook until lightly brown) the onion for about 10 minutes, then add the rice cook it for a few minutes without adding water, then pour the room temperature beer and when it is completely evaporated slowly add the fish broth which has been previously prepared.

Halfway through cooking the risotto add the thyme and add the pumpkin flowers . Continue cooking the rice, adding the broth each time the rice has absorbed the previous broth. Once ready, let the risotto cool off.

At this point you can prepare the wraps: get the mold that you have lined with zucchini flowers: fill half of it with rice, level the surface with the back of a spoon and press the center of the rice, to form a small hole , then place the rice on the side walls, to make room for the filling.

In the center of the hole place the mozzarella and shrimp. Cover with the remaining rice

Leveled the surface using the back of a spoon. Cook the wraps in the oven at 360°F for about 40 minutes.

When cooked, let cool and then remove the rice from the mold an place it on a serving dish

Finish the dish and decorate it with shrimps: in a pan with olive oil and a clove of garlic fry the prawns with the shell for a few minutes, then place them in the center of the ring, resting them with the tail towards the outside. Your shrimp ring rice is now ready to be served at the table.


The Shrimp Rice Wraps in aluminum foil, and store it in the refrigerator for a couple of days. If you used fresh ingredients and not frozen ones, you can keep the rice ring in the freezer and I suggest you cut it into slices and freeze each slice individually.

Advice For Shrimp Rice Wraps Recipe

If you do not find the pumpkin flowers you can cover the walls of the mold with slices of grilled zucchini.

Thyme has a very delicate aroma, perfect for this dish, but if you do not like it you can use chopped parsley instead.

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