Bake Potatoes Without Foil
Bake Potatoes Without Foil

More breakfast food, yay!!! It’s the most important meal of the day, after all. I love using red skin potatoes for this, you could use Yukon gold (ohmyheckyes) or just regular old russet too. I usually hover in the middle with redskins.

Bake Potatoes Without Foil

When I made this batch, I’d recently made Bacon. Now, you don’t HAVE to make bacon first, but it IS bacon and it does add a little extra yum to your potatoes, just sayin.

So I baked bacon then reused the pan to make these potatoes, YUM!

You can chop them up however small you want, but I like little bite sized nuggets like this. More surface area, more yummy crispy flavor.

Even though I had the bacon greasy pans I add some olive oil. Both for the flavor and because there’s really not THAT much grease left on the pan. I may have drained most of it to fry my eggs in… waste not want not

bake potatoes without foil

I have this great little olive oil spritzer but they do sell olive oil spray at the grocery store if that’s easier!

Rosemary is absolutely necessary. Mr. Mom fairly skips into the kitchen when he sees me grinding up rosemary because he knows something delicious and PROBABLY potatoey is coming back out of it and he wants some NOW!

Grind it up!

Sprinkle all over your oiled up potatoes

And of course, salt!

fried breakfast potatoes

I bakes some with my buttermilk biscuits and bake potatoes without foil because they’re ALSO tasty when cooked in leftover bacon grease.

They come out crispy and amazing! I love them. Love love love them. But not as much as hubby does! What will you eat them with? I’d love to hear from you below!

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