12 Cups to Tablespoons Conversion
12 Cups to Tablespoons Conversion

Do you know 12 cups to tablespoons conversion? This article will show how these two common units work in the kitchen. Discover more right now!


Kitchen measuring tools are often very diverse, with many units standardized to international standards. One of the most common and easily confused units is the cup and tablespoon.

The most asked question is related to 12 cups to tablespoons conversion. This article will show the difference between these two units of measure and how to convert between them. So, the chef should not miss it!

12 Cups To Tablespoons Conversion: How Many Cups Is 12 Tablespoons?

12 Cups to Tablespoons Conversion

Cup and tablespoon are two common units of measurement in the kitchen (Source: Recipeland)

Cup is a common unit of volume measurement equal to half a pint. In the US, one cup is equivalent to 8 oz of liquid, but for solids, the unit is gr, which is a bit more complicated.

The tablespoon, abbreviated as T, tbs, tbsp, or tbl, is a common unit of measure in the kitchen. In some countries, 1tbs is approximately equal to 15 ml.

In the United States, one tablespoon is worth 3 teaspoons, 1/2 ounce, or 1/16 cup. It also means that 12 cups to tablespoons conversion will equal 192 (the result multiplied by 16). In contrast, to the question: “How many cups is 12 tablespoons?”, the answer is 3/4 (equivalent to divided by 16).

The following table can show you some common numbers in this unit conversion:

Tablespoon (tbsp)Cup (c)

What Are The Measuring Cup And Tablespoon Used For?

The cup and tablespoon are two commonly used measures in the kitchen for accurate and consistent measurements in recipes. They are usually supplied by the manufacturer in sets of four or five in different sizes, meticulously handcrafted, suitable for any recipe from simple to complex.

These accessories are usually made of high-quality plastic or stainless steel, which is safe and not easily degraded.

How Are The Measuring Cup And Tablespoon Used?

12 cups to tablespoons

With a special structure, a cup and tablespoon are used for both dry and wet ingredients

A measuring cup is divided into two categories for dry and wet cooking ingredients. Their capacity is also clearly marked, proving suitable for cooking, baking, or preparing beverages. 

These tools have a spout with wet ingredients to help the liquid easily transfer to other containers. At the same time, the handle of this measurement is made long, small, narrow, and high quality, making it easy for the chef to hold and move.

In terms of the tablespoon, however, you can use dry and wet ingredients together: seasoning, flour, sauces, vinegar, oil, butter, etc.


Does 16 Tbsp Make A Cup?

That is right. According to American standards, one cup is equal to 16 tbsp. Other countries such as the UK and France also use this standard. Therefore, you do not need to worry too much about changing between units when going to those countries.

How Many Cups Are 12 Dry Tablespoons?

There is not much difference between dry and wet measurements for the tablespoon. Therefore, the standard for conversion between these two ingredients is the same. As a result, 12 tablespoons to cups are 3/4 or 0.75 cups.

How Much Is A Cup Of Dry Ingredients?

12 Cups to Tablespoons Conversion

A cup is similar to a tablespoon, but there is a slight difference when measuring dry and wet ingredients

Similar to converting 12 tbs is how many cups above this measure can be used for dry kitchen ingredients, such as flour, sugar, cocoa powder, and even butter. In addition to this unit, you can use ounces for measurement. However, for butter and sweeteners, you should refer to the chart below, as they can also melt at room temperature:

Cup (c)Tablespoon (tbsp)Gram (g)
5 + 1 tsp75.6
10 + 2 tsp151.2

With a special cup for dry food, you can use it to measure flour, sugar, coffee, cocoa, etc. The wet purpose is that it is used for milk, oil, vinegar, syrup, etc. There is not much difference between conversions, but they are designed for distinct purposes.


Besides the result of the 12 cups to tablespoons conversion, you can also know to convert these two units of measurement together. They are all very common in the kitchen, and most amateur cooks should know.

You can also use this unit to measure dry and wet foods. You can cook many great dishes in your kitchen with this knowledge.


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